Course Planning for MSPA

I am a planner; I like to break out an action plan listing achievable short term wins. Planning the sequence of coursework is no different,  especially since:

  1. Many of the courses have prerequisites,
  2. Some of the courses are better taken by themselves, while,
  3. Others are ‘softer’ courses and should be paired up if the intent is to finish the degree quickly.

To that end, I have designed a spreadsheet which is helping me evaluate a few course plans. Prerequisites get automatically listed, plans can be compared against the school’s recommended plan.


402, 475 and 480 are the softer courses which are  better paired with more technical substantial courses. 410 and 454 are said to be courses better taken by themselves.

Download a copy of the sheet and modify it for your own use.

Orion Darley, a strategy manager at HP, has created a fantastic course map. Here it is copied below, with his approval.

mspa course path


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