Master of Science in Predictive Analytics

tumblr_inline_mjdb5v7obt1qz4rgpI have been accepted into Northwestern University’s MSPA program. In a nutshell, the MSPA is an online Masters program that focuses on answering the question, ‘How can organizations benefit from big data?’. According to their website, ‘students gain critical skills for succeeding in today’s data-intensive world, including business case study, data analysis, and making recommendations to management. They learn how to utilize database systems (SQL and NoSQL) and analytics software built upon R, Python, and SAS. They learn how to make trustworthy predictions using traditional statistics and machine learning methods.’

I’m thrilled at being accepted, and can’t wait to get cracking on building advanced predictive models and understanding how to marry my experience with Six Sigma, process improvement and organizational change with big data and analytics.

I start Spring 2016, and expect to graduate in 2.5 years. I’ve build a quick google sheet that’s helped me build my course schedule, taking into account the course prerequisites. Hope it’ll come in handy for other students as well.

I start with PREDICT-402-DL – Introduction to Predictive Analytics, and PREDICT-420-DL – Database Systems and Data Prep. The academic advisor informed me that 402 is a reading heavy course, which pairs well with a programming heavy course like 420. 420 does require knowledge of Python, but there are plenty of resources available online, including access to which has Python training using Canopy. So far, it’s very good. I feel confident I’ll have working knowledge of Python by the time programming assignments start for 420.

I have asked for course waivers for PREDICT-400-DL and PREDICT-401-DL based on my work experience and six sigma black belt certification.


The two excellent LinkedIn groups for MSPA students are here and here.

Other MSPA current students / alumni who are maintaining blogposts on their experience are An Unexamined Life and ERDataDoc (who is in my 402 class).


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