Principal contributors to the science of strength of materials

I’m fascinated by the history of the applied mechanics. So many greats have worked on the theories and experiments that have given me the tools with which I earned my living for 4 years. I found this book by Timoshenko – History of Strength of Materials, which is an interesting read, if you’re into this. I spent some time learning about their lives, what experiments they ran and what they discovered. I discovered (to my surprise) that many of them worked together, as collaborators or in a student-teacher relationship.
I wanted to map out a timeline, showing the key contributors to strength of materials. Here’s a graphic I put together…Principal contributors to the science of strength of materials

Leonardo was documented to be the first among those studying the effect of forces on materials. For the next 200 years, there was not much progress, with some contributions by Galilio. Not until ~1650AD did Hooke, Newton and Bernoulli make their tremendous contributions in the field. Another 50 years passed before Euler came about. Contributions to the science really picked up in the 1800s; well known contributors in the field being Poisson, Navier, Cauchy, Green, Saint-Vernant and Lame.


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